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Hiking is good

Posted: September 27, 2013 in hiking, life with dogs
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There is never enough time to do as much hiking and trail running as I’d like, but we do enjoy it when we go. Jagger always enjoys a swim and a chance to play swamp collie.

Jag in front of a beech tree

Ok, I held still. Can we go on now?


I took Copper and Jagger hiking today. Jagger was very funny while watching Copper jump into the river after sticks. At first, he had this bewildered/shocked expression like, “Is this guy for real?! wtf is he doing jumping in there?!” But he was also conflicted, because there were sticks being thrown and he wanted to chase them. So he brought me a stick or two and said, “Plz 2 throw on dry land?” He eventually worked his way down the the water’s edge and waded a bit. ┬áHe still thinks Copper is crazy.

The end.