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Hiking is good

Posted: September 27, 2013 in hiking, life with dogs
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There is never enough time to do as much hiking and trail running as I’d like, but we do enjoy it when we go. Jagger always enjoys a swim and a chance to play swamp collie.

Jag in front of a beech tree

Ok, I held still. Can we go on now?


Buried treasure

Posted: September 26, 2013 in life with dogs
Jagger has brought me a present

“I finds a thing! Is for you! <3”

I am really, really REALLY hoping this is a tree root and not some bizarrely petrified cat poop.

Beware of dog… he wants cuddles

Posted: September 24, 2013 in life with dogs

Jagger licking my face

(I saw the title as a caption on another picture and it seemed rather apropos for Mr. Jagger!)

I haven’t done a blog update in a while, but I am pleased to say that for once this is because Jagger and I have been busy training! We have been (mostly) injury free, weather has been tolerable, and there is enough grass in the yard to practice agility most days if we haven’t gotten heavy rain.

I’ve got a pretty long training list, but my focus with Jagger has been on:

  • startline stay
  • proofing 2o2o for teeter
  • thoughtful jumping effort and striding
  • weave poles (the BANE of my agility existence)
  • running dogwalk
Jagger lying on the carpet

That’s a long list, little buddy. You’re lucky you’re handsome.

Jagger’s main issue with jumping is that he’s in a huge damn hurry. That’s kind of a high class problem, I know, I know. He’s all about getting from point A to B as quickly as possible, and as all geometry students and border collies know, the shortest (and thus fastest) path between two points is a line. A line through the jump bar. Jagger is able to do a regularly spaced jump grid with no problem. However, when you add the speed component of a more agility course-like setup, he feels the wind in his fur, the adrenaline starts going, he does a line of coke off the first bar as he creeps up on his start line and the next thing you know we have bars and jump standards down all over the place. Jagger also likes to run around jumps, which is a typical baby dog thing to do, but again, it’s so much faster! Mayhem, I tell you. Instead of more grid work, we did these types of irregularly spaced circular grids with a tunnel for speed:

jumps in a circle with eager border collie

I’m told speed circles are kind of old school. Jagger says he can be retro.

Here’s our summer training all summarized in a fun little video I made, complete with running dogwalk montage:

And here’s the obligatory mass download of all the running contact video in case you are a) a true RC nerd/afficionado b) in Silvia Trkman’s online RC class again like me or c) have been struck by a sudden, uncontrollable urge to watch border collies running in slow motion to combine your love of Baywatch reruns and dog agility.