Spring Training

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Busy, busy, busy!

I’m very happy to report that Jagger’s rear leg injury healed up very nicely. We never did get an exact diagnosis, but two different vets were of the opinion that Jagger needed to develop his quad muscles more so as to better stabilize his knee. His patella does NOT luxate, but he is a skinny little thing. Toward that end, we started a conditioning program 12 weeks ago according to the program described by Sasha Foster in her book, Canine Cross Training. I’ve noticed a definite increase in Jagger’s muscle tone, and the injury has not recurred. I’ve also seen his teeter and jumping performance improve dramatically during this time, so I’m calling it a success. We will continue working on these exercises, as there is progressive difficulty beyond the initial 12 week program. This dog works out better and harder than I do, hah.

Jagger only needed two weeks off from agility to heal from that injury (ah, youth) so we did get in some nice training progress after all despite having to pull from a few key seminars (as soon as he got better, I promptly got sick. Again. Thanks, daycare.)

At some point during April, Jagger managed to break my less than one-year-old NTI Global tunnel. When I say “break,” what I really mean is rip completely in half. It must have been the sonic boom. Anyway, I decided to take European-style precautions with my remaining, aging tunnel.

Jagger and his tunnel

Good thing one tunnel is dead, because these are all my sand bags.

Fortunately, NTI Global was AWESOME to work with and sent me a brand new tunnel under warranty at no cost. Apparently they aren’t supposed to break like that, even if you have a batshit crazy border collie.

The other big news from spring was that the back yard FINALLY got final grading and seeding. I am beyond excited.

Bermuda grass seedlings

Grow little seeds, grow

I was starting to think it would never happen! We’ve had record amounts of rainfall this winter (aka “Mud Season”) and spring (aka “Monsoon”). At one point my yard went from nearly finished grading to “lake” in a few hours:

dry, open yard ready for seeding


Lake Jones

After 😦

A lot of the seed washed away, but the drainage is very good now, so the soil has actually stayed in place. We have a few patches of decent grass started, but we will need to re-seed in a few weeks I suspect. Here’s what it looks like now, and here’s what Jagger looks like when he’s hoping the neighbors will come to visit him and provide hugs:

Jagger at the fence hoping for hugs

Hugs time?

And finally, after all the mentions of the human “puppy,” I did bring her to her first agility trial at the end of June. Jagger is still a ways from competing yet, but I had some great fun with Copper in our USDAA Masters Challenge debut (alas, did not get that Q for Nationals… wish there had been more local opportunities!). Here’s Hannah with my friend Tracy:

Hannah being held by Tracy

Hannah sporting her Under Armour shirt like all the cool agility handlers. I hope she holds off on that tattoo for a few years though 😉





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