Bored puppy is bored

Posted: December 14, 2012 in new puppy
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Hi, dis Jagger here. We moved to new house couple weeks ago. It ok; I like that Mommy has been home a lot but dere no space for agilities here yet 😦 Mommy said we have space soon but trees are in way. Whatever, I can wraps treez. Bored.

Pine trees marked for removal

Totally room for tunnels here

Holly trees pending removal

Look! Weave poles even fit heres!

Tunnels in temporary storage

My tunnelz, totally not getting used 😦

I helped unpack our stuffs… I tried unpacking the bags of paper (good toys!!!) but I gots in trouble 😦

Jagger removes trash from the trash bag

I helps unpack the paper!

I also helped make da bed the first night. I think my helps are very underappreciated. *profound border collie stare*

Jagger in our bed looking very comfy

So… where you guys gonna sleep?

Mommy is also going to have a puppy any day now. My brudder Copper been saying this for a while, but I guess I just noticed. I hope human puppy isn’t too noisy. I dun like the crying very much. I hope Mommy can run with me again once the puppy is here. I’m really bored.

Jagger wishes to have my attention

US Weekly boring. Do something nao?

Jagger and the baby bump

Human puppy ok, I guess. Wish Mommy would run more.

Bai for now!


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