GTCG Progress Update

Posted: November 23, 2012 in agility foundations, jumping, running contacts
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I’m feeling much better about our contact game progress. Jagger has gotten much more comfortable being up on the horizontal plank of the dogwalk and has been clowning around quite a bit during training:

He makes me smile.

The hits from starting spots on the down ramp are looking much better. We are currently working on some tricky spots we found on the horizontal plank and also working on improving consistency across all spots up there. I still throw in some turn & go starts rather than starts from restraint when Jag starts feeling a bit tense to me. Not sure if it’s excitement or stress, but either way getting a little break from my fussing over his start spot too much seems to help him relax. Overall, I’m really pleased with how he’s doing. We certainly have a lot of work to do, but I am really excited that I am now seeing Jagger experimenting with adjusting his stride on these GTCG drills.

We also did our first attempts at an extension/collection drill… it was ugly! We started with our current cik/cap training height of the bars set at 14 inches, and after more time than I would have liked (sorry, Jagger) I did finally realize that there were just too many elements for Jagger to handle right from the get-go. He was having a hard time both collecting and organizing his jumping effort at the same time. He also continues to have some confusion about what exactly that outside arm turning cue means. After I put the bars on the ground, I did try adjust my cues some to give him more on an inside arm forward cue; we’ll have to work on that some more. I’ll be really glad when I can work this drill and not be 8 months pregnant.

Slow-motion version of the above video, cut down to a few key examples. I think it’s easier to see how Jagger’s having a hard time slowing down and also getting his weight back to jump, which results in bars coming down, turning wide, or him adding that funny extra little stride.


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