Dogwalk as Jungle Gym and More

Posted: November 19, 2012 in agility foundations, running contacts, weave poles
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Work continues on Get the Contact Game – the videos contain the commentary this time. I very much feel that I’m fumbling a bit and figuring this all out as I go along, but Jagger is a very good sport and I’m lucky in that.

I’ve also been working Jagger on channel weaves. The two videos below are of his second and third sessions on the channels with a thrown toy. I had been using a static toy, but I didn’t like the result I was getting in terms of lack of drive through the poles and understanding what was being rewarded (hitting the entry). Thrown toy is much more exciting! We are working entries right now; the channel is fully open. From past experience with Copper, I find there is absolutely no rush to close the channel, because at some point you are just going to have to open it back up to teach entries anyway. Plus, Jagger is just 13 months old this week and still too young in my opinion to be doing “real” weaving.

Finally, I have a bunch of videos to share of Jagger and I working on a new sequence for wraps and handling. We are hard at work breaking the pieces of this sequence down, working on my timing, and making sure Jagger learns to turn nice & tightly around the jumps. There was one session in there of work on the landing side turn at 2 which was giving us so much trouble that I did not film.

And I always like to share a comparison of Copper versus Jagger running the same sequence:

I find it interesting to see how differently my two dogs run.  Being the trained agility dog, Copper killed this sequence on our second try (after I remembered I can’t send him like Jagger and need to run to every obstacle because his commitment point is much closer). Jagger, as I mentioned above, had to have a lot of background work before we could put it all together, and I still don’t have the bars up all the way. But wow, he’s fast! It’s going to be a wild ride when we start running longer sequences – I can’t wait!


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