The most favorite toy

Posted: November 5, 2012 in agility foundations
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This is the Most Favorite Toy.

Red ball onna string

The precious.

It has magic powers. It makes Copper do hilarious stuff like this:

Copper playing with the red ball onna string

One man party!

And it lets Jagger do all kinds of things like this:

Foundations class has been a TON of fun. So many things to work on!

The A-frame is looking a little squirrely on the down ramp. We’re going to take a break from this obstacle until the dogwalk is more solid; I think there is some confusion here, and really there is no rush.

Our wraps to the left are a little wide; since the video was taken we’ve been working on tightening those up. It’s kind of ironic, because the week before the wraps to the right were looking wide and we worked on those a lot. Now they look better but the ones to the left need more attention. Just a quick aside, I found this comparison of my two dogs running the same sequence pretty interesting:

There’s about a four second difference between Copper and Jagger, and Copper is actually moving very quickly for him through all these wraps. No wonder I am having some trouble with my timing!

Finally, as you can see toward the end of the first video, I have Jagger back on the dogwalk. This was the first time he’d seen the dogwalk in about a month, and I was very, very pleased with how he did. He seems to have figured out his legs again, and I have been making a point of waiting for him to calm down a little bit between runs. I think he gets a big adrenaline hit from all that running, and I have noticed that he can’t always get himself unlocked out of the “border collie crouch” and into a heel or side position. The NR attempt on the video was the time he had the most trouble getting into a thinking mode. We’re going to continue to work on this and emphasize quality over quantity… this will take much self-control on my part, too, because running contacts are so darn fun!


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