Happy birthday, Jagger!

Posted: October 22, 2012 in agility foundations

Jagger turned one year old this past weekend. I can’t believe it, where has the time gone?

Jagger lying in the grass

Happy birthday, little dude!

He hit a growth spurt a couple of months ago, perhaps his last, and it seems to have thrown his striding off on the dogwalk a bit. So, we have taken a break while he figures out how to use those legs again and will get back to it soon. In the meantime, I am very excited that we have started Silvia Trkman’s online agility foundations class. Here are a few videos of our work:

Oh, and by the way I am about seven months pregnant now. We are also moving in a month, so blog updates will continue to be sporadic. With all that going on, we haven’t done quite as much training and just general doggie fun as I would like, but fortunately Jagger continues to be endlessly entertained by destroying cardboard boxes and chasing them around my living room. Case in point:

Jagger awaits the flying cardboard

“omg… throw it noooowwwwwww!” *twitch*

For completeness, here is where we left off with the running dogwalk before Jag’s decided that he *must always* three stride the dogwalk and nothing else would do, regardless of where his paws fell in relation to the yellow and whether or not he could actually pull off the three strides. Adrenaline junkie! You can actually see this developing across the three videos below, and especially the last one where I switch him to a partial contact, trying to isolate the yellow (he did get the idea much better the next session, and my horrible clicker timing also improved I am happy to say).  You can also see us working through some issues with the entry and proofing motion.


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