Running Contacts – Foundations

Posted: June 1, 2012 in agility foundations, running contacts
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It’s been a while since I did a blog update, but we have been very busy! The tricks Jagger is now learning aren’t as quick to master as the earlier ones, so there isn’t a big exciting video montage to share. I have also been taking Jag hiking quite a bit, and trying to just let him be a dog as much as possible.

It hasn’t been all R&R, though! Earlier this month, we started Silvia Trkman’s online running contact course. I had trained Copper’s running contacts on my own with guidance from various, more skilled people’s YouTube videos. But, this time around I wanted professional guidance!

Our first steps have involved brushing up on some of our hind-foot awareness tricks:

and taking a good look at how Jagger looks when he runs on flat ground. Ideally, I want him to look the same running across the full height dogwalk as he does running across flat grass. This is the image I will keep in mind as we progress:

The first steps down the running contact path involve teaching Jagger to run on a flat plank just as he would on the ground. No jumping off the end, no leaping, no forgetting to run on the plank and running on the grass instead.  Well, we struggle a bit with that last one, but as long as he remembers to get on the plank we have been making good progress. Here are some of our early sessions:

My main observation is that I am *amazed* at how easy it is to get Jagger to RUN. After working so hard to motivate Copper, it almost feels like cheating to have this crazy border collie who just enjoys sprinting 100 miles an hour in and of itself.

Next step, on to a plank on a slight slope!

  1. Scott says:

    I love that when you talk at the end of the videos (running in slow motion) it sounds an awful lot like a very low-pitched “MOOOOO!”

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