Everything is better with hugs

Posted: March 19, 2012 in agility foundations, agility trial, tricks, USDAA
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Since the last video update, I’ve continued to work on a variety of tricks with Jagger.  Most recently, my focus has been on not bolting out the door without permission, heeling, backing up, hind foot targeting, various balance tricks (feet in a bowl, picking up feet, standing on balance disk, front feet on a ball, etc.), and as you’ll see below – wrapping objects:

I’ll work on a bit more distance and proofing the verbal cue for left vs right, but what you see in the video is basically as far as I plan to take this behavior until Jagger gets a bit older.

Jagger is displeased

This is what Jagger thinks of resting.

In other news, Copper and I had a pretty great weekend at a local USDAA trial recently.  The most notable parts were our first P3 Jumpers Q, our second Snooker Super Q, our first P3 Relay Q, and our first time ever successfully completing a masters level gamble (though I ran out of time so did not qualify).

  1. Scott Miller says:

    Any suggestion on where to start with wrapping objects? We took Hiccup to a field of grass yesterday and she had a blast bolting around the tall grass. Made me wonder how I could harness such behavior? Just a link to how to encourage that behavior would be great!

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